Course curriculum

    1. Vairagya, Vitragi, Dispassion, Detachment, Raga

    1. 5 States, Grounds of Chitta, Different Samadhi

    1. Chitta-Vritti-Nirodha

    1. 5 types/categories of Chitta-Vritti

    1. Prapti Janam taking Birth for Moskha, Shri Krishna, Lord Rama, and others

    1. Siddhis, Vibhutis, AshtaSiddhis

About this course

  • $25.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 12.5 hours of video content

Why study Yoga Darshan, Yoga Sutras?

Who is Maharishi Patanjali? What are Yoga Sutras? How to apply Yoga Sutras in practical life? How to transform yourself inside-out through this ancient wisdom?

Ancient Indian Sage Maharishi Patanjali propounded Yoga Sutras. It's full of ancient wisdom that spiritual seekers worldwide can apply to their daily life and benefit from them.

This course explains the importance of Dispassion and treading through the world safely by not getting attached. It also introduces many Sanskrit Non-Translatable Terms, foundational for exploring the more profound wisdom.

Learn through this course where the warehouse is for all the memories and psychological patterns. How those patterns from time to time run your life, take control and knock you out to be on Auto-Pilot mode. It teaches you the practices and introspection techniques you can use to stay Conscious and live life. It helps you develop one-pointed Concentration for more profound Meditation. Along with the vocal chanting of Mantras, it also teaches you about Mental Chanting and how to achieve that.

The course helps you learn about many Super Natural Powers and their importance. It enables you to navigate safely throughout your spiritual journey by avoiding the pitfalls. In addition, you learn about different types of Seekers and their goals & purpose in life. 

Ultimately, it explains Samadhi, Enlightenment. Adiguru Prakriti, through this course, describes her own experiences of Enlightenment and Self-Realization.