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सेवायाम् परमो धर्मः सेवायाम् जन्म साधनम्। सेवायाम् परमं पुण्यं सेवायाम् परमं भुज्यते॥

If you have not yet applied & if you are willing to contribute your time, skills & effort to Being Shiva Foundation, please express your interest and submit the Volunteer Form.
Volunteering with Being Shiva Foundation

Course Curriculum

This course is only for Volunteers of Being Shiva Foundation

  1. About Being Shiva Foundation

  2. Session 1: Introduction to Spiritual Volunteerism

  3. Session 2: Role and Responsibilities of Volunteers

  4. Session 3: Philosophy of Compassionate Selfless Service (Seva)

  5. Session 4: Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  6. Session 5: Resilience and Self-Care

About this course

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  • 28 lessons