Course Curriculum

    1. Building Foundation for Kundalini Awakening

    1. Balancing Ida and Pingala for Kundalini

    1. Horrors and Dangers of Kundalini

    1. Kundalini Awakening Experience

    1. Acquiring two types of Siddhis Supernatural Powers

    1. Avidya Ignorance

About this course

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  • 6 lessons

Foundation & Basics

  • Decode

    Learn how to balance Ida and Pingala, and do not let the horrors of Kundalini Awakening keep you at bay from this powerful Shakti. Decode the nitty-gritty with the help of Adiguru Prakriti.

  • Awakening

    Adiguru Prakriti has shared her Kundalini Awakening experience and the resultant Samadhi and Wisdom she experienced. Deep dive into different aspects of Chakra awakening and full-blown Kundalini awakening.

  • Insights

    Get insights into the significant transformative factors along the lines of Kundalini with the help & guidance from Adiguru Prakriti in this powerful course.

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