Course curriculum

    1. Daily Spiritual Practice

    1. Handling Thoughts

    1. Vairagya | Dispassion & Worldly Matters

    1. Self Study | Studying Vedas | Upanishads | Shad Darshan

    1. Initiation from Guru | Types of Initiations

    1. Karma with Dharma

About this course

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Yogic Lifestyle for the well-being

Build solid foundation for spiritual journey

Through this course, you understand ancient, simple yogic practices and age-old Wisdom to have a healthy body & mind and live a fulfilled life. Learn to adopt daily spiritual practices to increase focus, concentration and physical & mental well-being. Prevent many psychological & psychosomatic illnesses through breathing techniques (Pranayama) and Meditation practices. Finally, learn to evaluate your progress.

What is Yogic Lifestyle? How, by adopting Yogic living, can one achieve a balance of mind and emotions? How, through simple breathing techniques and meditation practices, can one achieve goals in life and live a more fulfilled life?

The yogic lifestyle is not just for those who seek Moksha/Nirvana/Enlightenment. The yogic lifestyle is also for people who have worldly goals to achieve. Learn through this course how Spiritual Practice can help you daily. Adiguru Prakriti, in this course, explains handling thoughts dealing with thoughts during meditation. Many people feel discouraged when they try to meditate, and hundreds & thousands of ideas start coming to them.

Your mind runs towards worldly matters until & unless you truly understand what Vairagya (Dispassion) is. Vairagya means without Raga (attachments). Understand through this course why we need to read the scriptures like Vedas, Darshan Shastra and Upanishads or some material that talks about the ultimate truth, the existential reality. Understand the importance of Wisdom. 

A spiritual seeker can receive many different types of Initiations from a Guru—these initiations from the Guru help seekers in their Spiritual Ascension. Living with Yogic Principles enables you to live in a Dharmic way. Understand the correct meaning of the word "Dharma".

Learn through this course the relationship between Karma and Sadhana/Spiritual Practice. And how does your karma affect your Spiritual practice? How to do One Pointed Meditation on Self & Supreme Being?

Many Seekers have this question about how they measure or evaluate their spiritual progress. Adiguru Prakriti explains that one's spiritual progress should be assessed on one's existence. Whatever Spiritual Practice or Sadhana a seeker is doing impacts all 5 Koshas/ 5 Sheaths of their existence. Join the course to learn in detail.

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